Draft Resolution For Leave And License Agreement

“DEED that the Board`s approval of the assumption of [the name of the taker] was given for the use of the company on the terms of the proposed lease and that a copy, duly signed by the President for identification purposes, was granted as an annex[]; DETERMINED that the common seal of the company, if it exists, should be affixed to the lines of this project (with amendments that can be agreed between the parties) with regard to the company`s statutes; RESOLVED that Mr./Ms [name and designation of the authorized person] of the company be empowered and has the right to do all other acts, things and acts, as is necessary or deemed necessary to give effect to the above decision.” DETERMINED to have the aforementioned proposed lease approved and approved and Mr. /Ms[ name [name and designation of the authorized person] of the business and are authorized, by several or in common, to accept, on behalf of the company, changes such as it may be accepted;