Glen Oaks Village Alteration Agreement

A number of public transport was taken to Arden, Darnley and Pollok, as the 57 bus with the first bus, click on the image to learn more. Today, we have installed our new Markise management office. It covers the entire landing, so that when it rains or snows, the visitor`s office will be able to close umbrellas, open the door, get their car keys, etc. without the effect of bad weather on them. In addition to installing the modular unit, we also renovated our existing second floor and took a few walls down to create an open floor plan. On the upper floor, the modular annex created three new spaces that allowed our two boys to have their own room for the first time. The third room would be used as a large cavern for boys to study or entertain friends, which was very difficult to do before. Now we can have parties, and we have family for the holidays. We also added a large laundry room and a bathroom. We wanted to know that Bob Friedrich, President of Glen Oaks Village, and his lawyer Geoff Mazel and Councillor Grodenchik had recently organized a conference with the Department of Finance (DOF) to discuss and resolve a problem that caught our attention about a year ago.

We learned that Glen Oaks Village and at least 3 other koops and possibly other tax charges were incorrectly calculated from 2017. At first, these tax arrears suddenly appeared on our tax bills… 2020. Glen Oaks Village has exceeded $570,000. Bell Park Gardens was rated even more. After lengthy discussions with the DOF, they finally admitted that these reversion fees were errors based on new calculations of the NYS STAR and J51 credits on koops with several lots. They are reversing those costs. Bob Friedrich, co-chair of the Presidents Co-op Condo Council (PCCC), a Co-op and Condo-CEO think tank he founded in 2011, was the only organization to attract the attention of the DOF.

We are concerned that some of our neighbouring co-operators may have imposed these false taxes on their tax bills and paid them in error, especially if the amounts were small enough and did not haunt a red flag. The PCCC contacted these co-ops and asked them to check their own tax bills. Glen Oaks, a small but bustling suburb of Queens, offers residents unbeatable proximity to one of New York`s most popular neighborhoods. The locals are only 10 km from the heart of Queens, making it a great city for commuters. The Queens County Farm Museum, alley Pond Park, Cunningham Park and Queens University Saint John Campus are all close to the people of Glen Oaks.