Reseller Agreement For Services

Good trading partners generally have characteristics similar to capacity, will and capacity. You must have the ability to successfully implement the product, the desire to sell the product or service, and the actual ability or means to provide it. 3.1 In accordance with our agreement with the reseller (the “reseller contract”), we are entitled to suspend or terminate your subscription for the service, your rights to access and use the service or your account, and to delete and reject all service data if: a) we are informed by the reseller of your non-payment of the amounts due to the reseller with respect to your subscription; or b) the reseller does not pay the money we are paid under the reseller agreement regarding your subscription to a service. You accept these suspension and termination rights and acknowledge and consent that Zendesk assumes no responsibility to you for such a suspension or termination. Their only recourse to such a suspension or termination is against the dealer. 16.2 Full agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement and replaces all previous agreements between you and Zendesk regarding the purpose of this contract. This Agreement applies in place of the terms of an order or other market documents that you or any entity you represent (all of these conditions are null and void) and, if expressly stated, there are no other agreements, assurances, guarantees or obligations that any of the parties may avail themselves of with respect to the purpose of this Agreement. There is no oral commitment, conditions, submissions, agreements, interpretations or conditions of any kind between the parties, unless expressly provided for. The titles used in this document are merely simple and do not affect the interpretation of the terms of this agreement. Maintenance allows you to avoid any involuntary delay and extra time for contracting and to verify that all conditions are in line with the customer`s business objectives. Sometimes a customer wants to add the credit pointer, but it is best to oppose this idea.

If the customer wants a direct relationship with the seller, the dealer should remove it from the contract himself and act as a reference and not as a reseller. 2.5 Only internal commercial purposes. If Zendesk has not otherwise authorized this Agreement or has not expressly agreed in writing by Zendesk, you cannot use the Services in any way if you are a service office or provide outsourced business process services on behalf of more than one (1) third party (other than related companies) on a single account. As a result, you agree not to concede, sub-compete, sell, outsource, lease, lease, transfer, distribute, distribute, distribute or sell services commercially to third parties, sublicensing them, sell them, outsource, lease, lease, distribute, distribute or resell commercially with other agents and end-users other than those authorized to promote your internal activities, unless Zskende has expressly agreed.