Transfer Agency And Service Agreement

(6) National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC). In accordance with the NSCC rules and procedures in place from time to time during the lifespan, (i) accept and result in the registration and maintenance of accounts through the NSCC services, which are known as the network (“network”) and (B) the purchase, redemption, transfer and exchange of units of these accounts through the so-called funds/SERV services of the NSCC (“Fund/SERV”), (ii) acceptance and processing of instructions transmitted and received by the NCCS on behalf of the brokers; which have been put in place by or in accordance with the regular instructions and instructions given by the designated persons on the trader concerned, whose transfer agent has been authorized to give such instructions in accordance with the authorization given by the Fund; (iii) provide the Fund`s banks with instructions to settle transactions between the Fund and the NSCC (on behalf of its dealers and participants). (iv) provide these brokers with account and transaction information from the funds` records on the TA2000 (TA2000 System) computer system in accordance with NSCC`s network and fund/SERV rules; and (v) the management of shareholder accounts on the ta2000 system by networking; CONSIDERING that, on behalf of the portfolios, the Fund wishes to appoint the transfer agent, the dividend officer and the representative in certain other activities, and that the transfer officer wishes to adopt such an appointment; all shareholders are entitled to accurate information about their holdings. While some companies choose to act as their own transfer agents, others choose third parties such as trust companies, banks or other similar financial institutions. These companies receive royalties for their services. State Street`s Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) program assesses, monitors and manages the potential risks inherent to third parties throughout the lifecycle of each applicable commitment, in accordance with compliance and regulatory requirements.