Agreement Betydning

Participation in the Fund involves significant risk and has sufficient knowledge and experience in relevant financial, commercial and environmental matters, as well as sufficient resources to analyse and assess the characteristics, risks and suitability of the Fund in relation to its financial situation and circumstances in general. The participating party has the financial capacity to purchase and is willing to take the risk when buying a share and participating in the fund. The Participating Party has conducted investigations and analyses by the Manager and the Fund regarding participation in the Fund, as well as environmental and other issues related to the Administrator and the Fund, which it deems necessary to carry out and participate in an independent evaluation of the Manager and the Fund, and finally, which the Participating Party includes: that the administrator has not given any commitment or guarantee regarding the information contained in the information memorandum. The Participating Party acknowledges that its decision to participate in the Fund is not the result of dependence on the World Bank or any of its employees, the Board of Directors of the Bank, officials or representatives of investment or tax advice, legal or other advice regarding its decision to participate in the Fund. In particular, but without bearing on the above general notices, the Participating Party confirms that it has consulted, where appropriate, its own financial and legal advisors on risks and other matters that are important for the purchase or disposal of an interest in the Fund; For example, but not limited, its ability to obtain credits under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and/or the Kyoto Protocol, and with its tax advisors, which are necessary with respect to possible income and/or other taxes and tax zones, can be purchased for a set period of time, such as a full season, part of a season or for a single appointment, and then resold to travel partners and end customers worldwide. A few days before the carrier`s departure/check-in, all unsold seats/rooms may be returned to the supplier if such an agreement exists between the two parties. An award period is also negotiated as part of the allocation contract (e.g. B four days before check-in/check-out). Mr. Gyawali said there was no other agreement than the Treaty of Sugauli of 1816, which defined Nepal`s western border with India, and this treaty clearly states that the three territories belong to Nepal.