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Here at Simple Flying, we often write new agreements between airlines. From codeshares to joint ventures to interline agreements. There is a lot of collaboration between the carriers. But what are interline agreements and how are they different from other types of partnerships? I expected to see some kind of big “NOPE!”, but instead, the interconnection of luggage is not mentioned at all. I`ve always wondered how it works and played with expertflyer when I came across United`s interline agreement, which looks like this: United has one of the most generous interline agreements For the airlines involved, this type of agreement can attract more passengers by offering simple routes to destinations that are not served by the original airline. Emirates recently signed an interline agreement with the Mexican Interjet, which allows passengers on its new flights to Mexico City to continue to other destinations without having to check themselves or their luggage. You must collect your baggage after the end of your Southwest flight and drop it off for the next part of your trip to Hawaiian. Just because airlines have interline agreements does not mean that they have reciprocal guidelines on baggage charges. @ Mark — Yes, these are all things I can carry on board. I always avoid checking a bag when possible.

2. To check the interline agreement between two airlines, enter: TGAD-YY/ZZ (YY being the valid airline and ZZ the second airline). The next step forward is a complete new joint venture. When airlines are in a joint venture, they become pretty much a large airline that, from flight planning to pricing, cooperates and shares revenues with each other. The details of how this type of agreement works are left to the airlines concerned. If you then use the AA visa to pay taxes (for example AA-JL), this will be charged with benefits when flying from the partner airline for luggage, boarding, etc. Simply, an interline agreement allows a passenger to travel to a destination with different airlines, change planes and have hold baggage on the final baggage storage when they land. This allows airlines to issue a single ticket for different airlines. Thus, even in the event of a delay or cancellation, airlines can issue you a ticket with another airline: a ticket with which they have an interline agreement. Once that`s gone, here`s an overview of the international borders in free luggage. I`ve only listed the major airlines that I fly myself or often book for others, but hopefully this will give you a starting point.

Now, you`ll probably scratch your head and say, why should I buy two tickets? Well, it`s becoming more and more common, as passengers look for ways to cut costs. For example, if you go from Denver to Athens, you may find that it is cheaper to buy a ticket from Denver to NYC and then buy a second ticket from NYC to Athens. You can find similar cases where it is cheaper to buy a ticket from your home airport to a connecting airport and a second ticket from the connecting airport to your final destination.